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[icon] in an effort to quell the sucking of the valley
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Subject:Winter Activities
Time:01:42 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Hey everyone,

We just posted our Fox Valley sledding, snowboarding and tubing guide and guide to outdoor ice rinks at NeighborhoodCircle.com.

If you know of any events happening in the Fox Valley area, want to blog, show off some photos or post a story, NeighborhoodCircle.com is a place where you can go and do that for free. We're a Web site owned by the Chicago Sun-Times and partnered with the Aurora Beacon News.
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Subject:Old Bavarian resturaunt on college ave., appleton
Time:08:54 pm
Avoid this place if you at all have a food allergy.

Today, my girlfriend and myself went in to try out a new resturaunt. We were both eager to try some authentic german food. The service was prompt, but the low lighting made it hard to read the menu. We informed our server while ordering that my girlfriend had a wheat allergy, so she wanted to make sure the item she was ordering was not breaded or contained anything with flour in it. The server offered up a few items and my girlfriend choose one.

When the meal arrived, the meat and potatos were covered in gravy. When we asked the server if the gravy contained wheat, she went into the kitchen to ask and came back out stating, yes it does. We asked to have it replaced as we specificly asked for no wheat. The chef who is the store owner came back out stating that there was nothing wrong with the food and either they could scrape the gravy off, which still leaves gravy in the meat, or we could purchase a second meal. We were both appalled by this. We tried to explain that we had explicitely asked for no wheat when ordering. The owner stated that our server informed him of this only 5 minutes ago and that we must be lying. He would not redo the food and not offer us a discount of any type, even on a second meal.

I repeat again, if you have any food allergies, do not expect good service at this resturaunt. For everything else, the food was ok, but I don't believe it constituted $50 for a meal for two.
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Current Music:The Birthday Massacre "Goodnight"
Subject:Raven's Sunday Night
Time:07:26 am

Totally fired up to get lit @ Raven's Sunday for the Goth/Industrial/Metal night! I'll be out celebrating my birthday and look forward to meeting artists, musicians, and like minded deviants from the area! I remember years back going to the Rack in Park Central (before I actually moved here) and it's been way too long since there was a good reason to come out of my coffin : )=

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Subject:Raven's Reminder
Time:03:30 pm
Sunday night goth/industrial at Raven's (downtown appleton) from 8 to close. Bring your friends! Say hello!
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Subject:Goth / Industrial / Metal sundays at Raven's
Time:12:30 pm
Since last night was attended by just my friends & I, I thought I'd post about this here.

Raven's (downtown appleton, if you don't know) is doing goth nights on sundays starting at 8, with a dj at 10. I haven't had so much fun since 29 steps closed. Way better drinks, music, & atmosphere than XS, and much closer for the fox valley folk.

so yea.
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Subject:the Anti-smoking campaign.
Time:01:26 pm
Current Mood:irritatedirritated
The other day, downtown appleton sidewalks were peppered with chalk-drawn anti-smoking slogans.

I know these folks feel strongly about smoking, and think they are doing a good thing. But please stop trying to get the government to step in and legislate non-criminal human behavior. All that bullshit that was spread around about improving the life of members of the community was a heartfelt lie. There is a long list of establishments that shut down or are doing substantially less buisness. We are left with the cookie-cutter meat markets and sports bars that smell like body odor and axe body spray.


Whats next? Caffine? Sugar? Alchohol? Sex? Laughing?

I understand the health concerns but outlawing guns or large cliffs or jay walking isn't going to stop people from getting killed. Maybe raising one's voice about the persistent energy policies here in the united states would prevent such wasteful endeavors such as the iraq war. But no, people are too buisy being bleeding hearts about smoking. How about all that fattening high fructose corn syrup in every american produced soda? Bovine growth hormone? Continental shelf oil field exploration? The corruption of the large corporate media; the runaway lawsuits of the RIAA and MPAA? pfizer's lack of responsibility for harmful drugs being pushed past the FDA. rampant quality control issues in the food supply? outsourcing? strange christians who think that the seperation of church and state is some new thing imposed on them by satanist atheist demon spawn? Corporate war profitering?

Can't these fucktards expend their energy on something more meaningful? Fomenting corporate reform; tax reform; helping to push environmental and sustainability related policies on a local or state level? How about pushing the various river cleanup issues and other city expansion problems. Maybe we can have a democracy again.
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Time:03:35 pm
Hey, I turn 21 in a month.

I live near UW-Fox (highways 41, 10, and 47 - or, Appleton Rd and Midway Rd intersection)

A friend of mine from Milwaukee is coming up here and we need a few good bars to check out. Nothing too crowded or crazy, just a relaxed atmosphere for the most part.

I moved to Menasha from Waupaca a month ago, so I'm not very familiar with the area. I know College Av, Wisconsin, Appleton rd (and the various names it turns into), you know - the major roads.

Being on the bus route is a major plus as neither of us are driving.
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Subject:is this still alive?
Time:06:27 pm
was thinking of creating an appleton-sepcifc group when i found this one...
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Subject:Bike Shops
Time:12:53 am
Hello, I'm new to the area (second week as a resident of Wisconsin) and looking for somewhere to hopefully buy a bike in the morning. A friendly, used bike-shop would be great. Thanks!
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Subject:Hey Foxfreaks!
Time:08:34 pm
Current Mood:awake
Just sending a shout-out to the members out there. Everyone enjoying their summer so far?
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[icon] in an effort to quell the sucking of the valley
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